Agape Youth Ministry was born from a God-given vision to the heart of Gordy Lange -- a vision to provide a safe haven for troubled young teens where the teens would learn "how to do life better" through faith-based programs provided in a ranch setting.

Primarily focusing on young teens, ages 13 to 16, who are "at risk," i.e., defiant at home and school, truant from school, runaways, and first time drug users or unwanted (lack of parental supervision). Agape Youth Ministry believes that through the practice of Christian based principals and programs, true positive change can occur in teens' lives.  

Agape Youth Ranch is our working ranch where, through a horse and animal sciences, home-schooling and professional sociological, behavorial and academic Jesus-serving professionals, we hope to offer such a therapeutic, transitional, Bible-based program.

The teens will learn to care for and work with the horses. By nature, horses tend to be a fearful animal, but through gentle love, the horse gains trust for those who handle it. Many times, "at-risk" teens are also fearful. By walking through the training process with the horse, the teens will be taught and shown through that example how to overcome their fears and learn to trust others. Labrador or Golden Retriever dogs will also be used in a similar way to instill the true meaning of loyalty and unconditional love - a tangible example of the love Jesus has for them.

Through working with these animals, the teens will learn to accept responsibility and be encouraged to strive for excellence in their thought processes, attitudes, behaviors, and goals, so that they can dare to hope for the rich and full life Jesus taught, and laid down His life to provide for us all.

AYM also offers several horsemanship programs - summer and weekend camps, barrel racing and pole-bending camps, and small group retreats. For additional information please visit the Agape Youth Ranch website at:

Agape Youth Ranch